Technical Department


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Event Technical Support

We have experience in both the lighting and sound industry. We can supply complete AV equipment for your event, as well as crew and technical support. Be this in a festival, theatre or corporate environment.

Lighting Design and Programming​

If you already have the equipment in place we can come in and design and programme your lighting in a way that takes it to the next level. Whilst creating the programming and design, we can work with you to enforce the brand and enhance the production. We will be available for training also and will be there for help should you need us afterwards, this includes creating an interface that suits the user it is intended for. No matter the scale of the job, we create something tailor-made for you. 

Video Production

If you need high quality visuals, promo's or 3D motion graphics our graphics team can provide this. We have experience in all areas of this and our work is always of a high quality. whether you are trying to sell yourself, a product or enhance a staged event, our team can work with you to find something that is just right for you with quality as standard. 


We have the creative know how, to make sure that you are getting the best product you possibly can, while always working within your budget. We want to make your budget work best for you, not with short cuts or lack of quality, but by using our experience in the industry to provide you with the best lighting and sound possible. 

Event Management

If you have an event on, we can take control of that. From booking acts, and sorting the technical side of things all the way to physically managing the event as it happens. Our aim is to take the stress away from you, so you can enjoy its success. We have a vast experience in variety and themed evenings, including 'A Night with Jethro'. We are also always keen to try something new, so simply get in touch.

Training & Recruitment

We are always looking for new talent also. So whether you are someone with a keen interest in the technical industry and looking to learn more from working with us, or you are a business who needs to train their team on some technical aspects, we can help. 

Previous Projects 

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